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What is HPE PolyServe?
The HP PolyServe Software for Microsoft SQL Server enables multiple SQL Server instances to be consolidated onto substantially fewer servers and centralized SAN storage. The unique "shared data" architecture of the HP PolyServe software delivers enterprise class availability and virtualization-like flexibility in a utility platform.

HPE PolyServe is also known as PolyServe, HP PolyServe.

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ITCS user
Systems Analyst/DBA at Vecima Networks
Real User
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PolyServe was good, but hit EOL. We replaced it with DxConsole.
Use Of Solution: 2 years Valuable Features: Failover and clustering of SQL Server instances Improvements To Organization: It allowed us to have redundant servers for our SQL instances so in the event of system failure, we would only be down for a few minutes while things failed over Room For Improvement: Failover times are slow. When failover errors occur, can cause problems on entire cluster. Poor logging of issues. Slow support. Stability Issues: When one system failed over, it would sometimes cause IP conflicts resulting in communication between certain servers being interrupted and sometimes causing our SAN to stop communicating with the SQL blades. Scalability Issues: No, scalability worked great. Technical Support: Low. I have found HP support to be a…
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