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Sr. Solution Architect or Program Manager at a financial services firm
Aug 07 2016

What is most valuable?

1) It is a transaction based processing systems, 2) Excellent online system, 3) Provides opportunities to design secure, robust, well responding online transactions that can support thousands, even lakhs of users distributed geographically... more»

How has it helped my organization?

In one word, it provides way for trained business users such as Healthcare Company Users to enter large amount of data, invoke functions, achieve results with a quick turn around time.

What needs improvement?

CICS needs tools like SDF, IEF, Cool Gen, Advantage Gen to better design screens, dialog flows. Need a way to provide internet type of solutions.


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What is IBM CICS?

IBM CICS is a set of enterprise application servers with exceptional transactional performance and connectivity for mission-critical transactions. CICS applications are written in a wealth of languages, from Java to COBOL – all hosted in a highly scalable and secure environment.
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Equens, EVRY, HSBC Bank Argentina, Garanti Bank, HDI-Gerling
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