IBM Hosted Virtual Desktop Services Overview

What is IBM Hosted Virtual Desktop Services?
IBM Hosted Virtual Desktop Services removes organizational and geographical borders among workforce with its ability to output graphics-intensive applications, content or video on standard laptops or mobile devices. Users' gain simplified management and greater control of your IT resources through IBM customer portal, where you can configure and scale compute, graphics seats and storage to meet demand. Because IBM agile cloud architecture is based on standardization and automation, users' can configure standardized user profiles that can be used across multiple machines instead of having to build custom images. By modernizing your IT infrastructure with this cloud-based model, it position the workforce to keep up with cyclical needs and respond to immediate demands with minimal effort.
IBM Hosted Virtual Desktop Services Customers
i-Virtualize, eASPNet Taiwan Inc., Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, Mairie de Clichy
IBM Hosted Virtual Desktop Services Video
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