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Jun 09 2017

What is most valuable?

Its ease of use, smooth integration into the existing environment, quick and easy management, the number of other features available such as snaps, remote replica, etc are valuable features. Mostly, their support is also great at reacting to... more»

How has it helped my organization?

It allowed quick implementation of the cross-site replica for disaster recovery. A quick training of our collaborators allowed them to manage the basic functions and spread the management workload between different people.

What needs improvement?

InfiniBox needs sync replica. InfiniBox, right now, offers only asynchronous replication between two storages. Many environments do require sync replica between storages. Right now, INFINIDAT offers tools from IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC)... more»

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Dec 21 2017
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What is INFINIDAT InfiniBox?

InfiniBox, high performance enterprise data storage, eliminates performance, availability and scalability issues to accelerate critical business applications. Based upon a fully abstracted set of software driven storage functions layered on top of industry standard hardware, INFINIDAT delivers a fast, highly available, and easy-to-deploy storage system.

Unmatched reliability and performance (99.99999% uptime) is delivered through an innovative self-healing architecture, high performance double-parity RAID, and comprehensive end-to-end data verification capability. In addition, an efficient data distribution architecture that uses all drives all the time, and a very large flash cache, deliver ultra-high performance with up to 1M IOPS, and over 12GB/s throughput along with our InfiniMetrics detailed performance monitoring.

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