Jamf Pro Valuable Features

Mac Specialist at Compugen

The most valuable feature is Jamf Nation. It contains valuable information, tips, tricks, and resources to go to when you might have issues. Oftentimes, the issue you are facing isn't something new at all. There are always others who have run into it and can provide valuable insight to resolving it. If it is something completely new, you have a plethora of other admins at your disposal who are able to quickly assist you.

Integrated patch management is easy to keep your software up to date on devices

Painless app deployment means that we can simply package and deploy. With some other MDMs, you have to convert to a proprietary file or have to upload multiple files to properly complete the loop.

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Senior Macintosh Systems Administrator/ Task Lead/ Information Assurance Officer at a government with 10,001+ employees

The Smart Groups have been very beneficial for quick reporting when a critical, out of cycle patch is required.

Reporting is obviously an essential tool for any Information Assurance team and if I couldn’t provide it with Jamf, it would have been a show stopper. It is able to provide quick, dynamic, and accurate reports that helped put my department on the map within our agency and other DoD agencies nationwide.

It has allowed us to move further with our additional networks without the fear of being shut down.

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Jon DeBerry
Director of Apple Enterprise Operations at DesignData

I found that automated enrollment is very powerful because you can bring standardization to the environment. 

The restrictions are very powerful because you can block new OS releases, so you can vet them to make sure they're not going to break any legacy applications. That's very useful and powerful.

The ability to leverage self-service for a better end-user customer experience. You can categorize it to different aspects of your organization, be it HR, creative department, or legal, whatever you like.

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District Technology Support Technician at a educational organization with 1-10 employees

The most valuable features are the restrictions, Lost Mode, Self Service, and full implementation of anything Apple will let MDM manage. Some other MDMs don't offer the full range, but we know if it is possible then we can do it with Jamf. 

There are some features we use, probably not for the intended outcome, but they save us time and effort. We use Lost Mode to lock devices down and call students up to our office when they have violated a policy and we need to search their iPad. Prior to this, when we would call them up they would delete the evidence on the way. Now, we can catch them red-handed.

There are always ways to improve, and Jamf has a great resource called Jamf Nation, which is an online forum where users can report issues, submit feature requests, and vote and discuss issues and solutions. It's all there for Jamf to see.

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Network Administrator at Katonah Lewisboro School District

With our system being for students, one of the most important pieces of Jamf is to make sure that we are supplying a filter for all of them. In Jamf, I am able to see when an application is removed and then push it right back out. We are using Umbrella and if it is deleted by a student then Jamf knows and re-deploys it almost immediately.

Jamf has additional features that are helpful.

There is an easy configuration that we can set in the root of Jamf Pro to manage our Jamf Connect clients. It means that we do not have to get to much more granular, building config profiles that allow the keys right from Jamf Pro.

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Glenn Tommey
Apple Administrator | Jamf Service Manager at a university with 501-1,000 employees

The interface is very intuitive. Anybody who has had a reasonable amount of experience with Macs will really appreciate the way this has been designed. It is only on the Mac platform anyway, and I'm given to understand Jamf engineers work at Apple and Apple engineers work at Jamf.

It is a first-rate product and well known in the industry as the gold standard for Apple device management.

When Apple has a new iOS or Mac OS, that particular OS often has new features. Jamf is ready for those features the moment that the OS is released. If there are additional benefits or features as part of a new macOS, Jamf is aware. Jamf has its own network of users and a portal, Jamf Nation. Jamf users are continually suggesting updates and additional features that get reviewed by Jamf and where appropriate are implemented. There is good communication, good end-user engagement, and great company response; there's visibility of user requests and what is getting implemented.

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Desktop Support Engineer at Scrive

The PreStage enrollment is everything. To have a zero-touch setup for the Macs and iPhones is more valuable than one can think. Without it, we would probably need to double our IT Staff since we would need hands-on for every device. Now, we can ship computers directly to employees from the vendor and have it set up as our corporate device without lifting a finger. Since this feature also helps us tie into our directory service, we basically just have to create the directory account for the employee and Jamf takes care of the rest.

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Cheryl Lynn Baterna
Director, Mac Technical Support at Marymount Manhattan College

There are many valuable things in this solution.

The design of the GUI, as compared to other solutions, really makes a difference. There are other software products that we use in-house that I specifically avoid because the interface is not as easy to use, a headache for reporting and frankly, not too good to look at. GUI Design matters to me. 

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PowerSchool Administrator at a non-profit with 51-200 employees

The most valuable feature is the Configuration Profiles, for sure! This is what we use to get all of our iPads set up and uniform. We also push out apps to our devices, which does not require any touching of the devices and they auto-update!

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Scott Bordoni
Head of Operatons and Data Protection at a tech company with 51-200 employees

The most valuable features are Inventory and Self Service.

Inventory is all about auditing your estate (super easy). You can drill into a specific device, check out the model, what OS it’s running, which apps are installed on it, and even basic usage stats.

Self Service is about empowering users to take control of their tech in a safe way, such as proving them with apps that they can install as required.

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Mobile System Administrator - End User Experience at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable features are Smart groups, branding Self Service, Jamf Connect, and the health care listener. These tools allow information technology to automate services and improve our end-user deliverables. The self-service branding enables our end-users, the patients, to identify us when using our provided products. These include apps and other tools for them to use.  

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User at a educational organization with 501-1,000 employees

The Self Service feature, which allows us to make apps available to our staff and students was essential. We can now remove the App Store and all those other app distractions, so students can focus on learning and teachers can do what they do best. Also, being able to set restrictions has been very helpful in the same aspect. It cuts down on distractions.

An almost zero-touch deployment makes my job so much easier.

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Information Technology Support Specialist at PrimeRevenue

Integration with Apple's DEP program and the ability to image systems quickly and efficiently is one of the best features. I use Jamf Pro to push out remote access tools that allow us to help our users with issues that require more "hands-on" than only MDM can provide, which is nice as well. Setting policies, and blocking software and processes has been useful to keep users safe, along with Self Service to install approved apps and updates for those users. I couldn't imagine operating the way we did before Jamf Pro.

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John Hathcock
Help Desk & Server Support at Riverdale Ministries

Enrollment profiles allow us to pre-configure devices directly from Apple. We can set up a new Mac or iPad without ever touching the device.

Configuration profiles are assigned by static groups and allow us to manage device software, settings, security, and set up with ease.

Smart groups are triggered on certain data points such as battery charge, device health, OS version, etc., and allow us to monitor device use and user maintenance of the devices.

Microsoft SSO integration allows us to set up email remotely for users without them having to do anything other than entering their password. 

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Lee Litzsey
Endpoint Support Technician at Waddell & Reed Financial

I love it because there's not too much out there for Macs in terms of patch management. 

They give users a huge amount of time-savings.

The user interface is great.

The solution overall is very affordable.

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Jeffery Anderson
Support Team Lead at a media company with 1,001-5,000 employees

Quick and easy deployment is beneficial when deploying large numbers of devices. The time that we save in hours for new deployments, redeployments, application upgrades and OS upgrades more than makes up for the cost of the product.

Since my company falls under the scope of PCI, we can easily identify applications and OS versions that need to be updated, and we can push the updates automatically. This ability helps us to remain in compliance so that we can pass our annual PC audits with ease.

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IT Support Technician at MLSE

The feature of having dynamic groups that can filter in the computers based on settings/apps/configurations/etc is the most valuable aspect of this solution. Jamf has helped us manage all our devices even remote users that are located in Europe or the States (we're in Canada) it also has helped us have the ability to push security updates and standardize all of our Mac computers in our environment. iOS devices have also been taken into consideration and having both iOS and macOS being managed in the same environment makes it more efficient and effective.

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Mikael Svensson
Senior consultant at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The policies make it possible to distribute packages and scripts.

Patch management, even though it's not 100%, is better than most competitors. Jamf bought a company that is much better at patch management, and it will be introduced in the Spring. This is something that I'm looking forward to.

The zero-day support regarding new Apple hardware and Apple operating systems is very good.

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Lennart Schwind
System Engineer at ING Deutschland

If you want to manage macOS devices in your enterprise and want to make it as easy for the user as well as for the administrators, you should use the DEP with Jamf Pro. It makes it very easy to deploy a new Apple Mac to a new user. IT does not need to touch the device even once. You could ship it directly from the vendor and all the user needs is an internet connection and their credentials. At the end of the setup, the user has a fully managed and functional Mac to use within the enterprise.

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SME (Jamf) | Desktop Architect (Mac) at Tata Consultancy Services

Self Service is the one-stop solution for an end-user.

Configuration profiles are very helpful for implementing CIS Benchmarks, PPPC, Office apps customization, restriction, and many other cool features.

Jamf policies are a life-saver for day-to-day operational activities.

Composer is my best friend when it comes to creating any complex package. It's super easy to use.

Jamf admin is the perfect tool to upload packages and basically, it saves us a lot of time.

Jamf inbuilt FileVault is super straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of mathematical calculations to implement.

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User at a university with 1,001-5,000 employees

The most valuable features are Zero-touch onboarding, Self Service, and ongoing policies make out of the box setup a breeze.

The full API lets us write custom scripts and apps to enhance even further the end-user experience.

The lifecycle management allows us to better see ROI for our entire Apple fleet.

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Information Communication Technology Technician at Kambala

The most valuable features in Jamf Pro are the policies and config profiles, making our life easy to manage many different things in one place.

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User at a manufacturing company with 501-1,000 employees

The most valuable features of this solution are self-service and patch management. Deployment of software is also a huge benefit to us as a company.

Inventory can be a daunting task, but with Jamf Pro, and its inventory management capabilities, it doesn’t have to be. Collect inventory automatically, organize that information, and even export reports.

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User at a wholesaler/distributor with 5,001-10,000 employees

The most valuable feature of this solution is the Self Service. Being able to place troubleshooting scripts in the hands of end-users has changed the game. Users love that instead of having to wait for tickets to be resolved, they can open an app and run a specific policy. Now, most support cases are issues that cannot be easily resolved.

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As an administrator, I really love the integration with Apple Business Manager.

Zero-touch deployment saves tons of time.

Self-service makes enrollment much quicker, as we don't have to push all of the applications. The user can decide when to perform an installation, chosen at the most suitable time.

The most important thing for me is to have zero-day support, which is something that I expect from Jamf. Other MDM vendors do not handle support as well.

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Internal Infrastructure Engineer at Xero

All of the features are valuable and there's not really anything that Jamf Pro provides that is not adding value to our business whilst saving us time & effort.

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Tracy DiLossi

The most valuable feature is the ability to manage all devices through Apple's DEP and forcing them into Jamf pre-stage enrollment. This is a crucial step in our device deployment process.

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User at a educational organization with 201-500 employees

Policies are a great feature that allows us to push certain restrictions to devices that require them, such as the younger generation of students we have. It also allows us to make sure each device is set up with the correct software for learning to flourish.

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User at a educational organization with 201-500 employees

The features that have been the most life-saving for us are pre-stage enrollments and self-service. The ability to set a generic suite of installations for all devices without ever having to touch the computer is amazing. This matched with self-service allows end-users to custom configure the machine to their needs. 

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Shannon Potter
Sr. Systems Engineer at a real estate/law firm with 10,001+ employees

Self Service empowers the user and allows them to install the software they need when they need it. Not to mention being able to utilize some of the tools we have included to solve their own issues.

Zero-touch deployment is also great. Being able to ship the Mac to the user and have them be able to easily power it up and it auto-configure is great.

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Head - Solution Consultant at Sniper Systems and Solutions Private Limited

The most valuable feature is the self-service, which lets users install their preferred application instead of installing all applications and filling the machine with junk.

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Thijs Xhaflaire
System Administrator
  • Self-service, because there's no need for IT Support (scripts/software, etc.) 
  • Zero-touch enrollment for delivering an awesome (it's my MacBook) experience. 
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Learn what your peers think about Jamf Pro. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: June 2021.
509,641 professionals have used our research since 2012.