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What is NCC Group Managed Detection and Response?

In the modern world, there’s a greater threat landscape than ever before. And with threat actors becoming more skilled, the time it takes for new attack methods to filter down through the ranks (from nation state adversaries to script kiddies) is faster than ever. This means traditional defences are no longer enough. If your first line of defence is your only line of defence, you’re in trouble. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a specialist security solution that combines multiple services to keep your systems and critical data safe from attack. At NCC Group, we’re threat hunters at heart; led by humans, not technology. Our experts understand how successful compromises are conducted by all kinds of threat actors, from the highest to the lowest levels of experience. They’re experts in every aspect of MDR, from threat intelligence right through to initial response – having created three solid foundations of defence in one dynamic service. Our MDR service combines an important human-led approach to hunt, detect and respond to threats affecting modern businesses. Through intelligence, monitoring and response, it ensures your business is always on the front foot when it comes to protecting and defending your networks and systems.

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