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Jason Wheeler
Real User
Client Support Engineer at US Department of Defense Network
Jul 26 2018

What is most valuable?

One feature we found useful was the product's complete ability to integrate with vCenter since all of our admins and engineers came from VMware backgrounds.

How has it helped my organization?

It greatly streamlined the time it took to scale out the enterprise and it completely eliminated the need for a SAN/Storage engineer, with the simplicity the Pivot3 Stack Manager brought with it for managing storage.

What needs improvement?

Until recently, one of the biggest problems with HCI vendors was the lack of flexibility for adding resources. For instance, if you only needed more storage, you would have to buy another node which would come with extra compute and memory that you might not need.

What is Pivot3?

Pivot3 improves the simplicity and economics of the enterprise data-center with industry-leading hyper-converged infrastructure technology. By combining storage, compute, networking and virtualization on commodity hardware, Pivot3 provides software-defined platforms that let IT run multiple, mixed application workloads on a single infrastructure while guaranteeing performance to the applications that matter most. Pivot3’s agile infrastructure solutions extend performance, scale and efficiency across more of the data-center so customers can keep pace with the demands of modern business.

Pivot3 customers

SNHMC, HPD Software, The Hurlingham Club, NHS, Rochester Police Department, The Doe Run Company, 101 Casino, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

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