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Rackspace Cloud Pricing

Rackspace Cloud Servers - Rackspace Cloud pricing is on a per minute basis. Managed Cloud Service Level is available for $100 per month and with a higher per minute rate. Starts at $29.20 per month.

Rackspace Cloud Block Storage - Standard Volumes: $0.12/GB/month (minimum $12/month for 100GB). SSD Volumes: $0.50/GB/month (minimum $50/month for 100GB).

Rackspace Cloud Files - Pay-as-you-grow, tiered pricing according to total TB required. Starts at 10c/GB/month.

Rackspace Cloud Backup - Infrastructure service level _ base price is $10/month/server + $0.10/GB/month + bandwidth starting at $0.12/GB. Managed Cloud Service Level _ standard pricing plus $100 monthly fee.

Rackspace Cloud Databases - Billed per hour based on instance size. Starts at $36.50/month. Infrastructure Service Level or Managed Cloud Service Level options available.

Rackspace Cloud Big Data Platform -

1.3TB Storage _ $0.37/hour ($270.10/month minimum). 11.0TB Storage _ $2.96/hour ($2,160.80/month minimum).

Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers - Per Instance _ $10.95/month ($0.015/hour, billed per minute). OR Per Instance with SSL _$36.50/month ($0.05/hour, billed per minute). + 100 Concurrent Connections _ $10.95/month ($0.015/hour, billed per minute).

Rackspace Cloud DNS - Free

Rackspace Cloud Networks - Free

Rackspace Cloud Queues -

1 million free API requests/month. Then pay $0.01 per 10,000 API requests.

Rackspace Cloud Monitoring -

Five monitoring zones and pricing is based on the zone. Starts at $1.50/month.

Rackspace Cloud Projects By Members

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What is Rackspace Cloud?

Rackspace is a listed company that specializes in hybrid cloud environments to support your applications and sites. The environments are based on its open-source operating system OpenStack.Rackspace Cloud caters for the private cloud, public cloud, dedicated servers, or a hybrid of platforms.

Your Rackspace Cloud environment is customizable according to your cloud requirements, and all products work together seamlessly from one portal.

Rackspace Cloud customers

3D Capacity, Acquity Group, Axios Systems, Behance, Blastro, Dominos Pizza, and Sage.

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