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What is PaaS Clouds?

According to the IT Central Station community, security is the most important criteria when selecting a Platform as a Service vendor (PaaS Cloud). PaaS clouds vary in the level of abstraction they provide their consumers. There are tradeoffs between efficiency and control over the application. Other key considerations are: the degree to which it will integrate seamlessly with the rest of the enterprise platform, the speed and resilience of internetworking, and the extent to which the platform is under control for configuration purposes. Read more »

PaaS Clouds Reviews

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PaaS Clouds QuestionsAsk the community a question

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Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Anonymous avatar x30
Gilbert PilzMore than either SaaS or IaaS, PaaS systems vary in the level of abstraction... more »
Peter loudon li?1414336518
Peter LoudonIn the wake of NSA revelations, security has become the number 1... more »
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Katherine TreadwellI think it is important to evaluate how easy/difficult it is to migrate from... more »
Picture 1132 1356878581
Real User
Architect at a healthcare company with 1,000-5,000 employees
Rama rao li?1414340171
Rama RaoHi, Please find my response as below: Q) Would you please share your... more »
Benjamin hermann li?1414339482
Benjamin HermannYou point out Rackspace as a leader for IaaS. In my eyes this is not true in... more »
Vexpert 2015 badge
Tushar Topale ☁ vExpertHi Henry, I would suggest not to zero in on Rackspace/AWS until you try... more »
Ddp 8144 %281%29
Avigail Sugarman
Community Mgr
Community Manager
IT Central Station
Anonymous avatar x30
engineer8883There is no good answer to that beyond "you design it to scale". If you need... more »
Karl schulmeisters li?1414332161
Karl SchulmeistersYet another person chiming in that the question is generally too broad to... more »
Karl schulmeisters li?1414332161
Karl Schulmeisters2) what does "best" mean? --> Lowest cost? --> Highest... more »
Ddp 8144 %281%29
Avigail Sugarman
Community Mgr
Community Manager
IT Central Station
Karl schulmeisters li?1414332161
Karl SchulmeistersMy top 3 1) Cost/Performance -- Reduced get state of the art... more »
Nuno silva li?1414331275
Nuno Silva1) Flexibility and Agility: Not to maintain Physical assets, less hassle with... more »
Picture eric dirst
Eric DirstHere are my top 3. 1. Get off the upgrade/patch flywheel - not spending as... more »
Ddp 8144 %281%29
Avigail Sugarman
Community Mgr
Community Manager
IT Central Station
Anonymous avatar x30
Mike BasilI primarily work with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. My... more »
Md shams sultan li?1414333699
Md. Shams SultanIn adopting Cloud Foundry, the “big aha” included the forecasted 50%... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
Koustubh SinkarI do not use Microsoft products, so I shall only give suggestions for Amazon.... more »
Ddp 8144 %281%29
Avigail Sugarman
Community Mgr
Community Manager
IT Central Station
Anonymous avatar x30
Winston LiI'll try to answer the pros & cons of PaaS with following... more »
Vincent lukken li?1414333886
Vincent LukkenHi there, Main cons could be that when you have a solution build for you,... more »
Md shams sultan li?1414333699
Md. Shams SultanThe Cloud Expo in New York City was this week. The conference was dominated... more »
Ddp 8148
Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Picture eric dirst
Eric DirstGreat question Ariel...I do have guidelines, which could be turned into a... more »
Reviewer72594 li?1414329787
reviewer72594I think that would heavily depend on the use case. I've been both on the... more »
Picture 2062 1366925335

Greg Schulz is Founder and Sr Advisor of the independent IT advisory and consultancy firm Server StorageIO (StorageIO). StorageIO provides advisory and consultancy services in and around data infrastructure, cloud, virtualization, and traditional data center environments across servers, storage,... more>>
909d6996 83cf 4877 b3b5 5ca41ad4eee6 avatar
Principal Consultant
Arun Pareek is an IASA certified software architect currently working as a SOA and BPM consultant across Australia. Over the past six years, he has worked in the capacity of consultant and architect in the implementation of a variety of SOA and BPM based projects for customers across the globe.... more>>
Reviewed Oracle Java Cloud Service: You don't have to worry about setting up the...
049a7b3b 0828 4585 8c04 f5a4329bcb3f avatar?1458113053
Business Engineer / Consultant
IT consultant and Mendix specialist with a focus on the HR sector. Specialties: Mendix specialist Software integration Strategic ict consultancy Chain computerisation Enterprise Resource Planning Project Management (IPMA / Prince II) Public policy
Srengineer672 li?1421917315

1add ma
Mark Arteaga specializes in helping customers implement enterprise and consumer facing software solutions. Mark has an extensive background in software development and has dedicating the last 10 plus years to the trade delivering solutions to customers such as Microsoft, Bell Media (formerly... more>>
Add urielmaimon

If it wasnt my job it would have been my hobby - lucky me ;-) CONSULTING/PROJECT MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE: 15+ years work experience Professional Services / Consulting Project Management R&D Management/Supervision Coaching/Mentor Uriel Maimon is a Director at bsmArt Consulting with... more>>
C688660e 3690 4486 9df8 9cf73bc44ac2 avatar?1446470020
Principal Consultant/VP of Technology
Design, develop server and client applications using Java, Web Services, Portals, Spring, Grails, Hibernate, JSP, GSP, and servlets in JEE environment. Developed and integrated applications on different platforms in n-tier architecture using Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server databases. Over seventeen... more>>
Reviewed Google App Engine: Easy to upload from IDE. ...
Add ml
At We Wire People, we connect you and your systems to other people across departments, companies, businesses, industries and countries - crossing linguistic, regional and cultural barriers through business and technology "Next to the spoon, there's also no one-size-fits-all" - this is what we... more>>
Add duane

A Solution Architect on a path of ways and methods to becoming a better Solution Architect
Reviewed WaveMaker: WaveMaker – Get ‘er Done
Add ra
Richard has a background in delivering public facing web applications in a variety of market sectors, including banking and healthcare. He is passionate about making software development productive, efficient and fun. He strives to automate processes and utilise frameworks to shortcut... more>>
Reviewed Microsoft Azure: Java and Azure
Add nm
I am a technically minded and relationship driven individual who loves God, people, and technology. I'm excited to utilize my education and training to contribute to the technical world.
Add lasnoski
Director of Infrastructure
I am an Infrastructure Architect and the Director of the Infrastructure and Platform Practice at Concurrency, a national technology solutions company in headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I work with customers in the design and development of Infrastructure technology solutions through my... more>>
Add jackson
All job or contract inquiries should be made though this form: Developing software since 1999 with experience ranging from Python, PHP web development to GWT and Android. Also extensive knowledge of business time spent at private equity firm and CIO of a web startup... more>>
Reviewed Google App Engine: 3 reasons I would choose to use AppEngine
Add dklemke
VMware/San specialist with a focus on Windows server technologies (AD, IIS, SQL, etc). Additionally had extensive project management experience with out of contract work for a large outsourcing company. Interested in all scales of virtualization and consolidation projects, infrastructure... more>>
Add yusuf
Providing Thought and Consulting Leadership in following areas: Business and Technology Strategy Cloud Computing & Virtualization Strategy Network and Computer Security Cloud Security Architecture Regulatory Compliance & Governance Accredited FedRAMP 3PAO Cloud Readiness... more>>
Add ad
I'm a managing partner at Setfive Consulting, a Cambridge based engineering consulting firm. We specialize in working with companies to architect and build web based solutions to help them effectively tackle their business challenges. We’ve worked with clients across several industries including... more>>
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Senior Architect
Aari is an experienced Business & Technology Consultant passionate about 'the Cloud' and innovative technology solutions as a key to delivering business outcomes. He has 14+ years consulting experience, 11 delivering CRM initiatives throughout Australia, Asia and Europe. His most recent... more>>
Reviewed Salesforce App Cloud: The Sweet Spot

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