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What is SearchInform Risk Monitor?

Risk Monitor, our key solution, is a comprehensive internal threat mitigation platform which allows a company be aware of any activity performed within the corporate perimeter. Its toolset builds up your risk management program and lets you control data in transit and data at rest, monitor internal and external user communication, conduct ongoing and retrospective investigation identifying every detail of an incident or a potential threat acting as an early warning.

The software will simplify privileged user monitoring, identify a malicious insider, alert to policies violation, inform you about fraud or bribery episodes, about plotting against management or colleague blackmailing, quickly identify the source of an incident, the reason for a violation and the means an offender used, assist with IT infrastructure inventory.

It incorporates instruments for monitoring nearly each communication and data transfer channel, including messengers, email, web forms and chats, social media, external storage devices, printers and other popular means to share information.

Allows you to assess performance or get an insight into an incident with the help of up to 100 various reports. Supplies more than 300 preconfigured policies to quickly launch the solution and obtain the first results.

SearchInform Risk Monitor Customers

En+ Group, Prettl-NK, Gazprom, SPLAT, bp

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Great technical support with good flexibility and the ability to scale

What is our primary use case?

Our company is a small agro-industrial complex with three pig farms, a dairy farm, and three meat processing plants. In addition, our group owns a restaurant, a ceramics factory, and a chain of bookstores. Our information network includes 300 personal computers, not counting special industrial ones. But we only use 50 full licenses. The system is managed by a single operator, for whom this is not the main type of work. In addition to computers included in the domain, we use PC monitoring outside the domain via an external Internet connection.

Pros and Cons

  • "In general, the presence of a system disciplines employees and contributes to labor efficiency."
  • "The function of speech recognition and its automatic processing in accordance with the rules and policies of the system would be very interesting and is something they should add."

What other advice do I have?

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