TrueConf Server Overview

What is TrueConf Server?

TrueConf Server is a powerful, high-quality and highly secured video conferencing software server. It is specially designed to work with up to 250 participants in a multipoint conference over LAN or VPN networks. TrueConf Server requires no hardware and includes client applications for all popular platforms, making it an easy-to-set up, unified communications solution. TrueConf Server utilizes SVC technology based on the VP8 video codec, which guarantees the best possible video quality on every device and channel. TrueConf systems have built-in AEC (acoustic echo cancellation), AGC (automatic gain control) and noise cancellation algorithms, which provides great wide-band audio quality for all participants.

Buyer's Guide

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TrueConf Server Customers



Douglas Dynamics

Department of Justice and Home Affairs in Zurich

Royal Government of Bhutan

University of Oriente Santiago de Cuba

Commercial Bank of Kuwait

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