Does Tableau have any limitations compared to SAS Visual Analytics?


I currently work for the government.

I use Tableau as my primary statistical tool. Does it have any limitations compared to SAS Visual Analytics?

Thanks! I appreciate your help. 

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There are platforms available that enable bridge between technologies. Tableau/Qlik is great visualization from performance and user interface as compared to SAS - #askginie.ai

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It totally depends on what SAS licensing are in place. Tableau provides integration with R as far as I know.

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These products all do more or less the same things but often in a very different way. The differences that I am able to report are mainly:
-Look and feel and here Tableau is definitely superior.
-Usability, both on the user and developer side and here the products are not very far apart, I would say Tableau a little better.
-Managed data volumes and here SAS is unmatched (in Unicredit I have seen an installation that serves about 11000 users).

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Tableau is a great tool for visual analytics but when it comes to statistical analysis, it has limited features. You can find basic descriptive statistics like mean, median, mode, SD, Skewness, Kurtosis, etc but for advanced statistical analysis, you can have machine learning models too along with advanced forecasting. If your work does not involve advanced statistical analysis then Tableau is a great tool for basic statistical analysis. In case you have further doubts, please feel free to ask.

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