F5 BIG-IP vs. Radware Alteon Comparison

I am researching Application Delivery Controllers. I am comparing F5 and Radware. Are there any comparisons of these two products? 

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For ADC both are very good, But in the leader in Gartner of ADC products, the tops rivals are Citrix ADC and F5 
They are very good and can do the job but only some major differences to consider are.

Citrix ADC -  Has App Expert Wizard which is a GUI ready to use to build simple to complex traffic syntax rule easily. Any admin that has some good background sees this syntax can understand and configure, it is very easy. This is good for a big complex environment or in case your network admin leaves the job and new one comes to take the role.

GUI; Travesing each menu is very easy as they are all in the same pattern with every feature.

F5 - Use the iRule, which does the same job. If you like to write programming code with lots of { {   } }, etc, it's ok. But for many admin teams, it may be hard to troubleshoot the traffics rules if the guy who wrote the rule left, not that hard to learn but still harder than GUI.

GUI- F5 GUI is sometimes too complex than needed, sometimes it's left, right, under have to drill down a lot just to get to the simple tasks.

Overall there are both good. 

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I can say the difference between both high end devices as F5 BIG-IP 4200v and Radware Alteon 5224XL comparission,

1. Layer 4 Throughput of F5 BIG-IP is 10 GBps whereas Radware Alteon is 8 GBps.
2. Layer 4 Connection per second of Radware Alteon is 480000 whereas F5 BIG-IP is F5 BIG-IP is 300000 only.
3. Layer 7 Connection per second of Radware Alteon is 190000 whereas F5 BIG-IP is F5 BIG-IP is 100000 only.
4. SSL Transaction per second wise Radware Alteon is 11200 whereas F5 BIG-IP is F5 BIG-IP is 9000 only.
5. SSL Bulk Throughput of F5 BIG-IP is 8 GBps whereas Radware Alteon is 4.1 GBps only.
6. Compression rate of F5 BIG-IP is 8 GBps whereas Radware Alteon is 3.6 GBps only.

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Apart from throughout consideration. Radware license will charge based on throughput and F5 is charged based features only. For example if you by F5 with appliance throughout of 10g that throughout available on day one,but if it's radware you will 1gbps license and hardware has 10gbps throughout.you can only use 1gbps on day one. On loadbalancing side both equal only I rule is the game changer. Lot customisation can be possible with irule

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