How does Cisco Meraki solution perform for Voice and SD-WAN?


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I am currently researching Cisco Meraki. Does it support Voice well? I was also wondering if anyone can shed light on how the solution performs for SD-WAN?

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

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We have full range of Cisco Meraki MX appliances in production. The solution is perfect for smaller to large network requirement.
Below are some key advantages. of Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Solution.

Visibility & Control: From Granular visibility to control on each Users, Application and Network devices, everything is under grip.

Traffic shaping: We can perform Traffic shaping rule, no need to have dedicated solution for packet shaping, however, it misses the compression part. i hope it is under consideration.

We can deploy Group Policies and and integrate it with AD, it will allow and disallow internet access so that we can avoid using a proxy server.

Single Dashboard to view, Manage and upgrade Mature ready firmware on all the network appliances on the spot or scheduled.

For more details. you can reach me on amirmhusain1@gmail.com

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Hi Sultan,

To use SD-WAN technology, you must to positioned Meraki MX devices.
It is necessary the bandwidth and quantity of clients to have a good devices sizing, but usually is normally used Meraki MX64, MX67 or MX68 (most density ports) at the branch side, and Meraki MX250 or MX450 at the concentrator side.
To facilitate the operations, it is recommended to use templates and add the same behaviours networks inside the pre-created templates.
In the branch side is possible to make the internet-out (split tunnel) with URL Filtering and other security functions in use. License Advanced Security is necessary.

There are several possible topology deployments to integrate with your legacy infrastructure.
Many features are enabled by default, as Voice and Video applications. Documentation explaned: https://documentation.meraki.com/MX/Firewall_and_Traffic_Shaping/SD-WAN_and_Traffic_Shaping


-- Urik Silva

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MX for SD-WAN is great, please note you have to purchase advanced licenses. Cisco Meraki APs supports Voice (https://documentation.meraki.com/Architectures_and_Best_Practices/Cisco_Meraki_Best_Practice_Design/Best_Practice_Design_-_MR_Wireless/Wireless_VoIP_QoS_Best_Practices).

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