What advice do you have for others considering IBM Tivoli NetCool?

If you were talking to someone whose organization is considering IBM Tivoli NetCool, what would you say?

How would you rate it and why? Any other tips or advice?

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We're just a customer. We don't have a business relationship with IBM. I wouldn't necessarily suggest this product to others. There are other products right now that may be lighter in deployment and a lot less expensive. Overall, I would rate the solution six out of ten. I'd rate it higher if they offered more integration potential, or, alternatively, if they create done cohesive product and offered more monitoring software without some many other parts.

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There is a concern about artificial intelligence concepts for Insights because it's a monitoring tool. It monitors all of the network-related or device-related alerts. Those alerts play a major, vital role in this finance or banking sector. If we were to have this artificial intelligence operation concept, it would be very good. Some new projects that we have require AIOps. With respect to monitoring, other solutions can't compete with IBM. I would rate this solution a nine and a half out of ten. We now use Everbridge as a notification tool and we use ServiceNow for ticketing. If the Tivoli Suite had these features then we wouldn't have the need to pay for other solutions.

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I'd advise companies that it's difficult to get a person that specializes in a bunch of different solutions and can really understand them fully. It's much better to be an expert on one solution than to try to be an expert on many. If a person wants to specialize in Tivoli then they should focus on just that one solution and know everything there is to know about it. I'd rate the solution eight out of ten.

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My general advice to people considering or adopting this solution would be to ensure that the company defines and understands all of the requirements that are expected of the product at the outset before even choosing a solution. Without knowing what the actual requirements are, it may lead to choosing the wrong product. It is always best to start with considering the base functionality and then build up any customizations from there. Also, always try to ensure that you make the minimum number of customizations required for the product to ensure that it is as easy to support in the future as possible. Customizations may not always be compatible with future upgrades. On a scale from one to ten where one is the worst and ten is the best, I would rate Netcool from IBM as about a seven-and-a-half versus other competing software products. If I had to choose a round number, it would be an eight.

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