2020-01-21 19:57:00 UTC

What are the biggest differences between Ruckus Wireless, Aruba Wireless, and Cisco Wireless?

I have more than ten years of experience at a financial services firm with 10,000+ employees. 

We are currently evaluating Ruckus Wireless, Aruba Wireless, and Cisco Wireless. What are the biggest differences between the three? Which do you recommend?

Thanks! I appreciate the help. 

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The Antenna system named BEAMFLEX + is the great difference between all other brands. This Patented Technology gives Ruckus the best performance in all scenarios. No doubt Ruckus is superior.

2020-01-26 17:52:02 UTC
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We found that Ruckus has superior Radio Frequency sensitivity than all your other choices. Cisco Meraki has a superior back end, but to us, RF sensitivity is the most important characteristic.

2020-01-23 17:50:43 UTC
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* Cisco will most likely be the most expensive solution. Are they the best, I really do not think so as I feel you are paying extra for the name. Although, their Meraki solution is less expensive and does operate decently and is a cloud-based solution.

* I currently use Aruba Networks. Our system is due for an upgrade which we will be using Aruba Networks again. This time, it will be a cloud-based solution.

* I have not used Ruckus wireless but have heard good things about it in the K-12 education arena. I think they are very comparable to Aruba Networks.

* My best recommendation would be to do a Google search on the differences between the 3 systems. I am certain there are articles written about the pros/cons of each system.

2020-01-23 15:05:46 UTC
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