What are the biggest differences between Salesforce and Workday?

I work as a senior project manager for a non-profit. 

Does anyone have experience onboarding from Salesforce and Workday? How do these solutions compare to each other? Is there another solution you would recommend?

Thanks! I appreciate the help. 

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Workday is more geared towards human capital management and salesforce is more geared towards CRM. Depends on what you need.

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@Valon I suggest you submit a new question asking about the differences between successfactors and workday. Best if you provide a bit of context - you'll get better answers that way!

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correction: please read successfactors instead of salesforce (typo/autocorrect)

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Hi Valon
Besides the fact that both are extremely sophisticated SaaS there is nothing in common in terms of product. Salesforce is a CRM system and Workday an HCM and ERP system.
If you want to establish comparisons "apple to apple" I would recommend to compare Salesforce against Oracle Sales/Marketing cloud, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics 365
On the Workday side I would compare it with:
a) HCM - Oracle , Bamboo HR, ADP workforce Now, Ascentis and SAP HCM
b) ERP - Oracle ERP cloud, Netsuite (owned by Oracle), SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Sage.
Hope this helps