What are the key reasons for choosing Snowflake as a data lake over other data lake solutions?



It seems that Snowflake is becoming very popular nowadays. I have done some training and live sessions by Snowflake. 

I would like to hear your opinion about the main key parameters we should look for when choosing Snowflake over other cloud-based data lakes, such as costs, ease of use, maintenance, etc? 

And what would be success criteria? 

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I wrote a white paper on this that you can download here:https://bit.ly/3bRTCqp

It comes down to five factors, in my opinion: 

1. Options for Deployment - Can you deploy on any cloud, or on-premises?
2. External tables and analyze in-place features - Can you leverage data outside the DB?
3. Optimizations - What are the options for slow-running queries?
4. Depth of analytics - can you do ML, time-series, geospatial, SQL, Python, etc.
5. Other data governance features - encryption and other governance features

Of course, speed and scalability is a huge factor, but most people are on top of that.

The white paper was commissioned by Vertica, a player you didn't mention above, but I attempted to keep it vendor-neutral. 

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@Steve Sarsfield  - thank you for responding and sharing your white paper. Very useful. 

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@Steve Sarsfield Same for Teradata, plus In-Database processing in R & Python, SAS, Tableau and many others.

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We did a PoC with Snowflake.  scale up and down works as advertised.  Be careful with large ETL streams.  We would have to rewrite at least 20% of our ETL to make Snowflake meet or beat our current SLA's.

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Snowflake is a columnar stored database. It is not a “data lake.”

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handling of semi-structured data like json. It has great support for json and we can write sql on json which is amazing. the performance on semi-structured data is little poor as compared to structured data but it is still great.

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Hello @Anoop Anoop SLK ​, @NitinKumar , @Subhrajit Mitra ​and @Yash Mittal. Can you please share your experience?