What is your evaluation criteria checklist for a DaaS products ?

I work at an educational technology institution.

I am currently evaluating DaaS solutions. What is your evaluation criteria checklist for DaaS products? Does anyone have a template?

Thanks! I appreciate the help. 

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Here are the specs/details which you should request from your supplier.

This is in an Excel file & I just copied and pasted here. Please send me an email or is there some way I can send it?

Item Specification Details
1 Number of users customer to specify, e.g 100 phase 1, 500 phase 2
2 protocol RDP, ICA, etc
3 CPU/mem/ virtual disk for cloud based /vnic To specify appropriate number of resources
4 Servers ( On-prem cloud for companies having their own DC) To specify appropriate number of servers/storage
5 Embedded items OS, databases
6 Availability RTO to be specified
7 how system will handle "specific monitor resolutions (e.g 1920 x 1080)

Heavy use of Flash-embedded Web browsing

USB-based peripherals

Network-based printing"
8 Storage "Storage for x number of Users
9 application integration to ensure that corporate application and printing services are working. To deliver according to checklist.
10 Thin Client Appliance To propose compatibility with Windows OS, MAC OS, IOS and andriod devices
11 network Topology "bandwith required for :
main office connection
remote office connection
network team to produce a network design "
12 High Availability/compliance where data is stored/ Data center certifications
13 Reporting Tools usage per staff/ congestions, etc
14 Implementation Planning to specify
15 Training / knowledge transfer training plan
16 security/backup "what protocols to enable for virtual desktop at firewall level
backup system to ensure quick recovery - RPO"
17 Qualified/Certified Engineers Supplier should provide full qualifications of implementation teams
18 Previous Implementation DaaS