What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Bitbucket?



We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information.

Please share what you can so you can help your peers.

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We use it on the cloud. It's the latest and greatest. You don't have to pay for maintenance and you get automatic updates and hardware and backups and all that nice stuff. I paid a little premium for it, but you get a lot of benefits. Licensing is on a monthly basis, it's available on their website. They have a free version, a pro version and then they have an enterprise version. The Pro version is kind of the middle of the road for about $7 per user per month.

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The price of Bitbucket is on the high side, but I think that's because of the tool's capability, which is justifiable. If you're purchasing for a smaller number of users then the license cost per user is definitely expensive, but if you buy a greater number of licenses, then it likely becomes a little cheaper. Atlassian is a very clever company. They sell the base product a little cheaper, and on top of that they sell many important plugins or add-ons which you need but which are also expensive. You might think you have a reasonably good deal but the base product will not have some of the important features and if you look at the final cost, it's a little expensive. But the tool has good capabilities and very good features not explored by many other Git based version controlling tools like GitLab or GitHub.

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We are using the minimum package with ten users and we are happy with the price because we are a small company. With our small number of users, our licensing fees are approximately $10 USD per month. There are no fees in addition to this.

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I don't know exactly what the program costs, but it depends on how many users you have. We recently upgraded from 50 to 100 users, and I think it's public on the website. I am not sure.

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