What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Carbon Black CB Defense?


We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information.

Please share what you can so you can help your peers.

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Although I'm more on the technical side and not involved in the pricing, it's more or less the same as other similar solutions.

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We have branches, we have different companies, but we cannot buy less than 100 licenses. This does not make sense to me. We do have some big companies within our group. But if I have a small office with 20 users and all my licenses are in use, the next buy cannot be less than 100 licenses. We have to do a lot of implementation and communication to add that many. But we only need 20. They are not flexible in the licensing part. It should be more flexible. I can understand their saying, "Okay, to be a customer you need 100," but to add on to that number it should be something very straightforward. If I need to add five, for example, I shouldn't need to add 100. I'm not happy with the way they are treating existing customers for adding licenses. I sent an angry communication to them, to the management, and said to them: "With 1,000 users, I need only another 50 licenses. Why do you want me to go for 100? It's a stupid policy." Then I got approval from them for fewer. I don't need to buy subscriptions for users I don't have. Also, licenses should not be per endpoint but rather per user. If I am the same user on a mobile device or on a workstation it should be one license for me.

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The licensing costs are comparable between the two products. If you're purchasing the product, they're both typically a traditional license model with an annual type fee or multiyear. The fees are the cost of the professional services to get the system up and running. It depends on the size of the environment. The size and complexity are what it really comes down to. It will be relatively consistent with whether it was MSSP versus a direct purchase. Carbon Black might be a touch more expensive. They tend to get a premium for their capabilities. They're sort of an industry leader in a lot of areas with the functionality that they provide. Symantec gets a bit more aggressive with their pricing, and with their discounts as well. They do have a much larger customer base because they've been around so long. As an MSSP, we do provide the entire platform on a monthly fee, which a lot of people do like, because that rolls the licensing and all of the management into the cost of the system on a per endpoint basis, paying for the initial costs to get up and running. Even if it's a three to five year implementation, it will be a fixed monthly cost, assuming the number of endpoints doesn't change. That's one good thing about the Carbon Black MSSP program that we have access to is that flexibility with the monthly billing. With very large implementations, this could be a significant difference in spend over three years versus having to do one extremely large capital purchase.

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I am not really involved in the pricing of this product. From my understanding, the price is okay for us.

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I just told you the price point that's one of the factors, basically because that is what the higher management gave us as an input. But, we didn't play a major role in terms of deciding. That was done by another person from the organization. So, that was just a communication that we received. So, that's how much I know about it.

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