2018-10-02 19:04:00 UTC

What needs improvement with Carbon Black CB Defense?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Carbon Black CB Defense.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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When you view the triage, it will show you everything within a given time frame, and not only the attack that caused the alert, which is what I want to see. It shows you all the events during that time, and that can be quite confusing. If they could focus on the alert and the event that the user wants to see, that would be better. There is also room for improvement on the reporting side, because it doesn't have reports. Many of our customers would prefer some kind of exportable report, like a summary. Carbon Black should have this feature.

2020-04-23 10:13:00 UTC
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As far as I know, Carbon Defense has nothing that can be installed on mobile devices. It lacks a defense solution for mobile devices, especially mobile tablets. I would like to see support for mobile devices and the pricing should be less than the pricing for a normal workstation. Also, there is not much education for customers about Defense versus its other products. They promote Defense as enough, but then they say if you need more protection you can go for CB Response. I don't know whether it's a technology issue or a marketing issue, but they should teach the customer more. They tell you you are secure with Carbon Defense but then they recommend Carbon Protect. There is not a lot of education on this. I don't want to have an incident in the future and their answer will be, "Sorry, you did not buy Protect." Security is a continuous process. I can accept that it has more features, but don't tell me, "You are not protected because you did not buy the more expensive product." In addition, these other products should be add-ons, not separate products. And the cost for them should be much less for adding on because you are already a customer. Finally, we receive a lot of high alerts. There is no priority system, from one to 10, where 10 is very dangerous and one is something easy. There is no way for us to tell why this alert is similar to that one.

2020-04-06 08:22:00 UTC
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This solution works well but needs lots of tuning and optimization.

2019-10-30 14:12:00 UTC
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The endpoint machines need improvement. The solution needs to be more effective for the end-user. It would be helpful to understand how to do some queries, but we’re still testing the solution right now, so everything is very new and we’re still learning the system.

2019-09-29 12:11:00 UTC
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Symantec needs more investigative features out-of-the-box. Though, they are using the Advanced Threat Protection add-on to correct some of this. It is also not quite as feature-rich as some of the more advanced MDR platforms out there. Carbon Black needs to do a better job of proving their platform in the industry, and providing a bit more access to do industry testing with real world examples to help prove their platform. In additional, they have been actively porting over a lot of features from some of their other products, and they should continue to expand on that. Going forward, this will be extremely helpful.

2019-04-17 08:37:00 UTC
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The UI interface needs improvement. The management needs further work in future versions.

2018-10-28 09:33:00 UTC
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It is still evolving, as we see. We started using the version 3.0. We've been migrating and upgrading as well, laterally, until version 3.2. So, we have been seeing a lot of improvements in general in terms of bug fixes and in terms of what are the things that we had encountered. I think they can probably bring in because there is a little bit of a gap between the native Antivirus solutions like Symantec or McAfee. So, you really can't say whether an end user will not be able to judge whether it's a Malware-free software that they are downloading or not. In those cases, if you have an application and a device control feature, I think it would be of great help.

2018-10-08 17:34:00 UTC
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In some areas one of the big issues for me is responsiveness to issues that arise with the solution. There are some components that leave a bit to be desired and/or that are bugs, or that even if it's a feature update request. These kinds of things are not the fastest company to respond to those. We did have a bug that was persistent for it's now going on two months and it hasn't been fixed. That is one of the drawbacks. This is really impacting what we need to do with it. But, the bigger issue is the organizational responsiveness to clients. In addition, I think there should be a cloud gateway. It needs to move into a transitory space between our On-Premise and external where it does not have to be in two separate instances. It should marry the two. Also, it would be good to have them working in the containerization space, as well. To have a mechanism for securing cloud modules a bit better. This would be ideal. It would help encompass more of the broad range security so we do not have to couple this with other outside solutions.

2018-10-02 19:04:00 UTC
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