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What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Mendix?



We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information.

Please share what you can so you can help your peers.

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22 Answers

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Licensing costs are similar to those for all other IT technology, but they vary by region. As such, the United States, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan all have disparate licensing costs, even when it comes to the partners involved. We, for example, are entitled to a 50 to 60 percent discount on licensing costs, whereas Jordan may be entitled to one of 90 percent. This makes it challenging to properly appraise the cost. ARIS is similar. The average price varies according to region, Jordan being entitled to a 50 percent discount over that of the UAE.

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Their licensing costs are on their website. It's easy to find out the overall costs. That being said, I'm under the impression they're getting ready to have a massive overhaul to that, which is going to be a really good thing for the customers. From what I understand, they're getting ready to move to a lower platform cost, and it's going to be more focused on the users in terms of how the cost is. That should offer a lower entry threshold than it is currently. It may be as much as 50% lower, and the user base is what their charge will be based on.

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