What is your primary use case for codeBeamer ALM?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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I worked in the ALM and PLM industry, and for my various clients, I have evaluated, I have deployed, and I have come up with a strategy for lifecycle management solutions. Now I want to share the same with people around the world so that they can benefit from my knowledge. Regarding codeBeamer ALM, I have the SaaS version, I have deployed it on the cloud and I have used the on-premise version as well for my various clients. Our clients' primary use case was for automotive embedded systems, wherein they required ISO 26262 certification. They also use it as a stronger tool to manage the whole of their portfolio. We are planning to go all out with codeBeamer. One of our clients has agreed. They have decided strategically that codeBeamer will replace their other tools. They will be retiring IBM Doors, XG, PTC Integrity, and Jama.

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We are a solution provider and as a consultant, I have evaluated codeBeamer ALM for some of our clients. One of our clients is using this solution to work on medical products, and we have other clients such as telecoms who provide services.

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I use this solution for requirement management, task tracking, bug tracking, and change tracking.

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Our primary use for this solution is computer-based applications and systems delivered to FDA regulated industries like pharma and biotech.

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