What is your primary use case for Google Vault?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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One of my main use cases for Google Vault is helping customers to export data from Gmail, whether they want to move the data from one Gmail account to another, or for other reasons. Another common use case is for searching for information within Gmail and other products in Google Workspace. We often get users who are facing some kind of challenge like not having enough storage space to backup their Workspace data, and this situation might be better solved by using Google Vault. Thus, we come in and ask the customer if they would like us to upgrade their plan and enable Google Vault to help record and back up their data, and if they agree then we help them to get it working. We are a reseller of Google products and we have 1000+ customers who use Google Workspace. Out of these customers, over 500 are now using Google Vault as well.

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Our company mainly provides engineering support for customers using Google Vault. We are based in Mexico but also service other countries. Our work is all remote. We are vendors and I'm a software analyst engineer.

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We use this solution for the storage and retention of emails and other data. We are a construction company and we store past emails as part of our security process. This is important because we don't always know what an employee is going to send. So, we keep everything backed up in the vault and it stays there for as long as we need it, to do any type of forensics work if needed. Another use case that I was looking at is the storage of videos posted inside G Suite or Google Workspace. However, I have not yet started to work on that.

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I use Google Vault for data retention. For example, say I have my Google respite services and I want to retain data from Gmail, Google Drive, Google Chat — that's where Google Vault comes in. Whenever I want to back up or archive all the data that I have, I export it and save it in Google Vault. My company employs a lot of people and they all support Google Vault. Not just Google Vault, but all of the Google services — Google Vault is just one of our supporting products — it's one of the services that we troubleshoot.

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