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What is your primary use case for Liferay Digital Experience Platform ?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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44 Answers

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We have developed some outlets to manage some specific requirements for public administration and we use this solution to assist.

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We have two primary use cases for this solution between two installations. One is being used as a national business portal, and the other is used as an archival and preservation system.

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Our primary use case for this product is as a portal. This includes B2B portals, B2C portals, and B2E portals. It is good for any of those use cases. We have some solutions which include all three of these portal types in one deployment. It has the capability of providing good functionality for these portal types in a variety of ways. If you just need a marketing website, I'm not sure that you need a solution like Liferay Digital. You can just use WordPress which will serve your purpose in most cases. But if you need a website that has user authentication and you want to have additional functionalities like document storage, processes, forms, and generally more sophistication, you need a solution like Liferay. It is better to use a portal solution, and not only a content management system. That's my opinion.

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Student and staff facing self-serve portal with customized relevant data based on user's affiliation with the university.

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