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What is your primary use case for Oracle Access Manager?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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77 Answers

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We use this solution for Single Sign-On and for mobile authentication integration.

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We are Integrators. We implement and integrate this product for our clients, as well as provide support to our client who is using this solution. Mainly, we are using it to provide access to two different systems that the client has. It determines the access levels of people. It tells you who needs how much access and then managing it through that.

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The reason why we started using the product was that it was used by one of our customers. The customer called us to help protect access to their online banking website. Oracle Access Manager handles the login process for them so that the bank's customers can get access to their online bank accounts.

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We use the solution for single sign-on purposes.

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We have multiple applications that require logins. If when a user is signing on for the first time, they can go to the Oracle Asset Manager's main page where they will need to provide a user ID and password. Then, the corresponding user ID and password would be there and the user's page will be sent a token. If they need to log into other applications, the registry token will be used and the user won't need to log in at that time. So by doing that, we are providing a secure and simple user experience.

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The primary use case of this solution is for accessing different systems with one single sign-on.

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The product is our solution for SSO (Secure Sign On). The solution allows users to sign in to one application, for example, Windows, and they will have access to other applications that require login without having to log in each time.

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