What needs improvement with Google Cloud Storage?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Google Cloud Storage.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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I'm not sure if there are any improvements necessary. For my purposes, it works very well. The solution should improve its security and accountability.

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It would be good to have more storage space. The user interface could be more intuitive.

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User management could be better. It's a complicated process to delete users and maintain the structure of documents created by deleted users. The solution needs backup and archival functionality. We had an instance where our account renewal was not done in time and we lost information. Archival and backup can be expanded upon, by providing archival/backup services within the google cloud solution. It would save us from using a third party for our cloud backup, which is what we are currently doing.

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I would like to see an improvement in data visualization as well as new tools to manage storage in any platform. I think Google already has this solution for management. If you have a data set in Amazon, you must be able to manage it with a Google tool and that's a good improvement. I would also like to be able to use my own tools and packages within this solution and also have a tool to visualize the data with graphics.

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They could improve their storage and stay current. It is very easy to use Google Cloud Storage, easy to implement, but it is not very flexible when it comes to modifying the parameters. The level of storage, the level of technology, and the level of services could also be improved. The implementation is not as easy as Microsoft, and the process could be improved. We would like to see the implementation of better identity management.

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The user experience needs to be simplified. It is difficult to configure.

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I would like to see an improvement in the management or admin pages, because at times it is not easy to work with them. Also, I like an improvement in the IAM part of the Google Cloud . They need to get some parts of the program more mature, like the admin pages as well as the monitoring part.

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I would like to see this solution made faster, cheaper, and bigger.

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