What needs improvement with Hortonworks Data Platform?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Hortonworks Data Platform.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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The NiFi platform could be enhanced. This refers to the data ingestion in a workflow. It would also be nice if there was less coding involved.

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We are happy with the platform but we are also looking at what else is out there. We are comparing what other teams are using in our company to the solution we have adopted. The main difference, and what seems better with other tools, is the deployment. That part is not entirely clear to us. We can create models, but once we create the models we are not sure as to how to deploy them. The version control of the software is also an issue. Maybe these improvements are already included in the newest release but we are not aware of it because nobody on our team has had the opportunity to try it. I do not know how well this product is supported.

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We have had problems with the backup and with services that require a disaster site. We are still struggling with some of these issues. We are having trouble with Active Directory and Hive integration. I would like to see more support for containers such as Docker and OpenShift.

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I work a lot with banking, IT and communications customers. Hortonworks must improve or must upgrade their services for these sectors. Each customer has different requirements. From the IT side, someone who has some experience of the cluster, computer clustering, computer networking, different fire defense, for example, it is so important that they have some additional graphics, some additional service reports added to the Hortonworks current user interface, which could provide easy images. Especially if they are using it without any experience first.

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* Security * Performance * Workload management

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