What needs improvement with Kaseya Traverse?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Kaseya Traverse.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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In terms of what could be improved, we are innovating all the time, as well as having a look at different avenues so that the strategy follows the structure. I think the software is still a little bit too new to actually fully asses what it has. As things change and as new products come in, we look at different plugins and all those things. The reason why we're using Kaseya is because it's a full solution. It's one supplier, it's plugged into a lot of things like a customer documentation system. It keeps all their setups, documents, all those types of things and it just integrates with a lot of the other tools that the MSPs use. It is very user friendly.

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We've noticed a few bugs as of late. However, this seems to only be in the reporting part of the product. The development of the signature or request takes a lot of time. However, the development is very slow at their end. As is the support. This might be why. Everything goes to the product team and lab, even for small requests and even if it makes sense to send it through to the product team instead. In any case, they aren't adding any signatures to the devices, and I cannot give the tool to my customers if there isn't the capability to add it to the tool. I can't go to my customer and tell them it isn't possible. They have not even developed a signature for basic things that are being upgraded, like Exchange 2010. They have not yet added the signature after Exchange 2010 and it's now 2020. That's a serious concern. We are running on Exchange 2019 and Office 365. Now 2019 is not yet being developed. On top of that, with Microsoft HyperV, they are still using the old 2008 signature. That has also not been upgraded anywhere. There are many things that are not developed as per the industry. When we take any contract from a customer, it is agreed that I will monitor each and every device that they have in their data center. It causes an issue for me when I can't deliver due to some issues on the solution's side. It makes clients unhappy. I'm facing many support issues with them. I am actually looking for another solution to purchase.

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