What needs improvement with Micro Focus Network Node Manager?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Micro Focus Network Node Manager.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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The network phase in the product could be improved. Other tools such as SolarWinds have real-time bandwidth, and they can calculate bandwidth in MBs, which means something. But Micro Focus Network Node Manager always watches bandwidth. With Micro Focus, bandwidth utilization networks always show in bytes. It makes it difficult for the end-user to calculate. Micro Focus needs to offer customized dashboards. The reporting is very complex. It's not simple. As a network person, I want to see the top end network devices, who is using maximum bandwidth or who is using maximum MB. It only requires a very simple graphic, a simple dashboard that I have customized myself. I would prefer to deploy SolarWinds or PRTG. Unfortunately, our company only deploys Micro Focus. Additional features that could be included would be customizing some simple features like dashboard support. They also need to upgrade their level of support and focus on their customers. That's what's important.

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In terms of improvement, I would say that the resources utilized could be a bit higher, and that is one of the challenges that isn't optimized to my expectations. For additional features that could be included, I have nothing to suggest for now. Things are going well. It's really a classic model. If it's moved over to cloud then it could definitely become a living giant in the market.

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Reporting. Even though this is available in separate software (iSPI) there is potential in making the reporting more SLA-aware and more intuitive.

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Only to improve the GUI.

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