What needs improvement with Microsoft Dynamics GP?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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Overall, the solution wasn't that great. The product doesn't do consolidations. It was hard to navigate the solution and the UI, the user interface, wasn't any good, to be honest. We found it hard to navigate and it had a very outdated UI so that the user experience wasn't good at all. This is now a legacy product, so they're phasing it out over time. The scalability was never very good.

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We don't have proper data management. We have a government scheme where we service people and help them with housing. We call it the Self Help Housing Agency, where we provide funding, then you pay back the money without interest. It's one area that the system doesn't seem to handle it properly. We initially needed a system that was focused on test management in that aspect due to the fact that we wanted a revolving account where the money that you pay back goes into the fund and it funds other beneficiaries as well. That way, it never ceases to operate. You pay back, it goes into the fund, somebody also applies and then the money he pays back and it revolves like that. That said, we are not using the system for that. It doesn't work in the way we need it to. If it did, we'd definitely use it. We also have services that are mostly data management. We only now use it for subsistence for others when they are traveling in between the jobs. For example, when you're traveling to another area, you apply for a subsistence allowance. That's the main thing that we are only using it for. That said, now, for Self Help and service leverage manuals, we need to computerize it so that it becomes part of the system as well. That's one area that needs to be looked at and improved somehow. The budget aspect could be improved. I have to do my budgeting outside of the system on Excel, then whatever that has been approved I need to upload to GP. However, I want a system where I can start with projections. It would be great to be able to project with all the notes and have it give me my final outline and upload it automatically into that system. I don't know if that is possible. With payroll, the payroll that they have offers US or Canadian tax. However, here, our tax payments are different from the US and Canada. It is very difficult to put in our tax tables. We need some customization. It should be readily available for any country to use according to their tax implications. The system should know different types of tax regimes around the world so that it can accommodate. It's a little bit rigid on that.

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The purchase order and processing aspects of the solution should be improved. In this latest version, they included mostly everything we currently require. The only thing that can be improved on is the way that transactions, for example, in account receivable, take place. When a customer makes a payment to us, it's unclear how to connect the software with the bank in order to properly identify the invoices and the amount of the payment the customer is paying us in order to apply those accounting and then close the invoices that are open. This would really save us a lot of time and energy if that aspect could be clarified or streamlined.

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