What needs improvement with Nagios Log Server?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Nagios Log Server.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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The Log Server should be addressed. Primarily, my customers would appreciate updates regarding the GI. They wish to know how I obtained a part from one server and, consequently, which improvements can be made. For my part, there is no one specific module that I wish to upgrade. We are not at the point in Malaysia of adding much log analysis. The customer usually does not provide feedback and is generally not involved in the planning stages or in the generating of ideas, in so far as upgrades for the product are concerned. When it comes to administrative needs, the solution is not a share product that can be passed on to the end user for direct administration. For the majority of our customers, services are purchased for monitoring or supplying the license, installation, management and administrative needs throughout the contractual period. For me to rate this product a perfect score of ten, it would need to have the capabilities allowing a person who lacks any IT knowledge to use and administer it. Also, as we are talking about a product which is open to the public, the pricing makes it challenging for us to profit off of its marketing. Over the past year I have occasionally sold the solution for its monitoring capabilities, which sees a combining of the vendor and data center maintenance capabilities. As such, the solution can be purchased directly from the website, which means I do not have a mechanism to guarantee my protection, since I am the one who will be introducing the solution to the customer. While it is possible that those in charge of the solution's technical aspects would have more to add, this is what I can come up with offhand.

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