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What needs improvement with RSA Archer?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with RSA Archer.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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44 Answers

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The problem is, and I've had years and years of experience using it, let's say decades of experience with it, and they keep changing it. It could be as much as two years or so and they change the product. My concern is when they go from module to module, what do they do? Is it consistent to what the industry wants? And they could also add some things and improve on their product for when we want to match up CVS to it and a few other things. And I think the training is hard. I think they need to emphasize that you take people and send them to training. But today with COVID, how do you do that?

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I am currently using an older version of the product so my installation is not current. There have already been two new versions of Archer released after the version I have. I use 6.5 and 6.6 and 6.7 have been released. These two are minor releases. They are not really affecting the inner workings of how to do tasks but improving certain features like the interface. When I am creating applications I like to have what I know is a stable and familiar version of the product, so I do not automatically upgrade to the newest versions available. Because I have not upgraded, the graphical user interface is not the current one. It is not very modern and as user-friendly as it could be. I heard that the new versions have improved the graphical interface very much in this respect, and it should no longer be a problem at all. So, for now, I have some issues with the interface for this version but it may already be repaired and simplified in the new versions that exist. One thing I might like added is the ability to record a workflow in another application. It is really a sort of very technical thing and it is possible to do it in other ways, but adding this to the product could really help with the simplification of creating new workflows. This could make it easier, to implement some technical things.

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I would like to have the ability to build and maintain an inventory of personal data processing activities and assets utilizing a purpose-built taxonomy and data structure. Tracking data retention schedules and executing a checklist based on Article 30 requirements as it relates to processing activities would be a helpful addition. Having the ability to manage activities related to notifications and consents linked to the processing activity inventory would improve this solution.

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The dashboarding in this solution needs to be improved, specifically the graphics. I am trying to find other solutions because I want to create management dashboards. This product has its own built-in design capabilities and how to present things, but it doesn't have a bullet chart. The bullet chart is the best graph for my purposes, and it should be available for inclusion in the dashboards. We are doing audits and risk management, and there are timelines related to when things are due. All of that can be very easily seen in a bullet chart graph, but what is available now are pie charts, bar charts, and the simple information that is not as meaningful. The reporting features are very basic, PowerPoint-like capabilities, that should be improved. They should be more like the features available in Power BI, or Tableau. As a workaround, I tried dumping the information from Archer into these two solutions, but it would be much better to have the functionality built-in. When it comes to searching, the filtering process is not very intuitive. If I want to filter then I have to use too many buttons to get to what I'm trying to search for. If they can simplify the researching process then that would be good.

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