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When evaluating Software Asset Management, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

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A few key points to consider while evaluating a software asset management tool are:

1. Discovery- How accurately the software can scan and discover softwares installed across all workstations.

2. Track virtual machines- If there are any virtual machines installed and running in the network, the software should be able to discover and track it.

3. Central inventory list- All discovered software assets should be listed in a single inventory list
Compliance Alerts- The software should be able to track license status (over or under licensed software) and alert the user about risk of non compliance in audits.

4. License management- Create license types, categorize existing licenses under them, track and notify license expiration dates and check for expired or unauthorized licenses.

5. Purchase management- To help take decision regarding future software asset purchases, based on usage rate of installed software.

All the above features combine to create a comprehensive software asset management tool. ServiceDesk Plus by ManageEngine supports all of these features, and more, to provide an efficient software asset management system. To learn more about ServiceDesk Plus, please click on this link

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