Implemented OKTA Single Sign On Solutions

1100 people affected
3 month project

Project Description

Implemented Okta single sign on solutions to provide a single portal for users to access there applications which has both internal configured applications and some business applications hosted external to the network.

  • This project is now supporting 100+ apps which replaced earlier SSO application which was supporting only 3 apps
  • Ease of access for users who earlier had to remember username format for these application
  • Directory restructuring: 
    • 95% of the users apps are now pre-assigned

Lessons Learned

Would talk the internal apps developer to increase the complexity of the passwords which now can be supported for ease of access without worrying or remembering each credential.


ahead of schedule
received recognition / award


management had to be convinced
application incompatibility

Technologies Used

Technical Skills Used

  • Active Directory


Yodlee MVP Q3-2014
  • Redwood City (CA-US)37.4852-122.236
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