10G switch upgrade

450 people affected
1 month project

Project Description

Netgear 10G switch upgrade to replace existing 1G Dell managed switches in our core and remote switch rooms.  As well as the POE switches with HPE 2530-48PoE+ switches.

I placed one XS716T in each of our three server racks, linked them to the switch rack M4300 with 10G fiber.  This will give each rack their own 10G switch and a 10G backbone to the core.  This allowed me to remove all the long Ethernet cables from each server to the main switch rack, really cleaning up the space around the switch rack and the ladder above the server racks.  I also replaced all the Dell PoE switches with HP 2530s that server the basement dwellers.

In our upstairs switch closet I placed an M4300 with a 10G link to the M4300 downstairs and 1G fiber to the HP 2530s, that replace the existing Dell switches going to workstations and APs.

This project replaced our existing Dell managed switches models 6224, 6248 and 3524, with PoE on most of them.  While our desktops do not support 10G upgrading our backbone to the servers will certainly increase the threshold on the bottleneck.  Currently we are only pushing 2.48G at most through any of the uplinks.

Lessons Learned

I would love to have the time and money to remove and replace all the network jumpers from the patch panels to the switches.

If money would have been available using HPE switches that support stacking would have been a preference, but the price point was just not there for us.


ahead of schedule
under budget
support from colleagues
increased network backbone


large no. of people impacted
network downtime

Technical Skills Used

  • Telnet
  • ethernet cabling
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management
  • Amarillo35.222-101.831
  • Amarillo (TX-US)35.222-101.831
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