Database Comparison done through TestComplete

Project Description

Our product does the analysis of model and generate SQLite databases. We have written our own script in VB to compare the newly created database with the baseline database. TestComplete also provide the builtin method to compare them but it does not provide the tolerance factor which we required to implement. Some time we would like to ignore small differences so we setup a tolerance value for each column of table. These tolerances were saved in excel sheet.

I compare field by field data from each table and check the difference. If difference is 0 then it means both data is matched but if difference is greater or less than zero then I check whether the difference lies under tolerance. If difference is greater than tolerance then we can say that we found a difference.

This is how our database comparison is working currently in TestComplete

Technologies Used

Technical Skills Used

  • Visual Basic

Technical Certifications Used

  • Islamabad33.721573.0433
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