Successfully Delivered APM Solution Implementation with eCommerce site

50 people affected
6 month project

Project Description

- Successfully Delivered APM Solution Implementation with eCommerce sitesSuccessful implementation of an   enterprise APM Solution platform in a leading eCommerce organizations. 

- The platform covers the whole cycle of project management, incl. charter & scope definition, stage gate approval, scheduling incl. resource & cost scheduling, a periodic project review feature and a sleek reporting platform. 

- Integration of time-tracking for project managers across the organization.

- Solutioning, Architecture & Implementation for Data Centre, Hybrid & Cloud environments

- Design and presentation of hierarchical alerting and call out dashboards facilitating correct routing of incidents and quick identification of problem source

- Handover of APM artefacts (dashboards, alerts) to production support teams, including running daily alert review web-ex sessions during adoption.

- Provide support to Solution Architects, Production Support and Technical Analysts during live proving phase through use of APM tooling

-  Development of profiler configurations to provide deeper dive into key problem areas

- Architectural review of Applications or distributed environments to understand key transaction flows and integration points; mapping of these to key performance and availability indicators; development into APM artefacts.

- Capture, document, present APM requirements based on input from various stakeholders, including Solution Architects, Program Manager, Production Support Analysts, Heads of Service.

- Executive and Live business insights Custom dashboards development

- Definition of business requirements, system design and platform implementation across R&D (own scope)

Lessons Learned

- make sure to retain Senior Management support along the way, and a strong link with Portfolio Management. Change management, again and again. And again.
- develop early on a powerful reporting solution - the solution is nothing unless you can easily extract and use the available data
- I would do it again - definitely a fantastic project and a very nice team achievement!


ahead of schedule
received recognition / award
support from colleagues


management had to be convinced
large no. of people impacted
cost overrun

Technologies Used

  • Hyderabad17.384178.4564
  • New Delhi (IN)28.635877.2244
  • Bangalore (IN)12.971977.5937
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