Migration from On Premises to cloud with IBM

300 people affected
5 people managed
5 month project

Project Description

Migration from On Premises to cloud with IBM , and converting from SQL Server to DB2 Engine , and handle all the impact on Saved Queries , Relations , Custome Views , Triggers , Custom DB Objects , Reports , Integration with other systems 

Lessons Learned

involve the end  users in Testing the test migrated Environment


received a promotion
received recognition / award
support from colleagues


large no. of people impacted
hard to meet schedule

Technologies Used

Technical Skills Used

  • Data Base development
  • Birt reports Developer
  • Maximo Function Specialist
  • Maximo Function Tester
  • Network Security Specialist to setup VPN
  • Al Jizah30.008131.2109
  • Copenhagen (DK)55.675912.5655
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