Process maturity programme

1800 people affected
5 people managed
36 month project

Project Description

Principal business process architect on a long-term process maturity management programme.  Taking the organisation from a low level of process orientation up the maturity model through awareness, process modelling, process management, process improvement and automation.  Worked on developing the network of process roles (sponsors, owners and managers).

Lessons Learned

Understood the organisation's culture and attitudes first; patiently started with the basics rather than trying to drop a fully iBPMS solution on an organisation that couldn't agree what a process was and still doesn't think they are useful.


received a promotion
received recognition / award
support from colleagues


management had to be convinced
large no. of people impacted
cultural resistance
inexperienced leadership

Technologies Used

Technical Skills Used

  • LEAN six sigma
  • Systems thinking
  • BPMN 2.0
  • Archimate 3.0
  • Value chain modelling
  • Customer journey modelling

Technical Certifications Used

  • LEAN six sigma black belt
  • Exeter (ENG-GB)50.7236-3.52751
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