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Senior Storage Engineer at a tech company
Reviewed NetApp SnapMirror: Excellent tool. Always a THUMBS UP…
Lead Storage Engineer - Cloud Platform at a tech vendor
Reviewed NetApp Snapshot: It centralizes your data
Senior Network Engineer at a wholesaler/distributor
Reviewed NetApp SnapMirror: In essence, the livelihood of the…
Storage and VMware Expert at a comms service provider
Reviewed NetApp SnapMirror: It's a simple and efficient tool to…
User at a government
Reviewed HiT Software DBMoto: Replication monitor feature is…
Bussiness Development Manager
Reviewed EMC RecoverPoint Continuous Remote Replication: It has improved RTO and RPO
Senior Systems Engineer at a healthcare company
Reviewed EMC RecoverPoint Continuous Remote Replication: Deployments with VNX & VPLEX are…
Migration Specialist at a tech vendor
Reviewed Vision Solutions Double-Take: It gives us the possibility to…
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