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SSD Reviews

Read reviews of SSD that are trending in the IT Central Station community:
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Picture 2062 1366925335
Independent Analyst and Advisory Consultant at Server StorageIO -
Jun 06 2017

What is most valuable?

* Value (Price, performance, productivity benefit) * Plug and play vs. plug and pray compatibility with various Lenovo and Dell servers, as well as Windows, Hyper-V, VMware, and Linux systems

How has it helped my organization?

It boosted productivity for performance sensitive applications, from database to file serving, to server virtualization and other activities.

What needs improvement?

The current product is good as is. It is a great value for many environments that need or want an NVMe SSD in a PCIe AiC format. However, there are also newer versions such as Optane, as well as higher-end data center class models/products... more»
Ztryopts 400x400
Western Digital
Anonymous avatar x80
Real User
IT Admin at a non-tech company with 51-200 employees

What is most valuable?

With having to record various artist, projects take a huge amount of space so we have to replace space more than we should. Protools itself takes up tons of space along with other applications such as FL Studio and Ableton Live, and Adobe Photoshop makes it no better on a hard disk drive. When I used a friend's laptop that consisted of a solid state drive, I... more»

What needs improvement?

256GB is way too small. The price for the 256GB device was in my price range and I still did not know how beneficial it was so I tried it. It was amazing, but I just didn't have enough space. You never understand how much space a project can take up until you have almost no space available. I had to basically use the SSD as a bridge whenever I filled its... more»
Picture 2062 1366925335

Independent Analyst and Advisory Consultant
Greg Schulz is Founder and Sr Advisor of the independent IT advisory and consultancy firm Server StorageIO (StorageIO). StorageIO provides advisory and consultancy services in and around data infrastructure, cloud, virtualization, container, software-defined, NVMe, flash, object storage,... more>>

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