Brocade Ethernet Switches Review

If you are looking for more than scalability, performance and security than most switches offer, then Brocade ethernet switches are what you need.

Valuable Features:

The switches are very flexible and easy to deploy and manage. They are energy-saving and help to effectively reduce costs. Brocade switches perform at great speeds, protect the topology using root guard, and can handle redundancy and failovers automatically.Brocade’s HyperEdge is a master switch that is dedicated to manage the other switches in the stack. It allows for easy installations and replacements and is compatible with models from other vendors.ICX, ICX 6430 and ICX 6450 are brocade switches that support MACsec protocol that encrypts traffic and authenticates peers in the Ethernet for security.

Room for Improvement:

You need skills and knowledge to configure brocade switches. Equipment used by customers must be compatible with the brocade model used.

Other Advice:

Brocade Ethernet switches are used to connect several computers together using wire cables to form a network. Brocade Ethernet switches can support business service, residential triple-plays, and backhaul mobile applications. They are manufactured by Brocade communications systems and come in different models with 12 or more interfaces and expansion slots. I have used brocade 6910 switch that uses gigabit and fast Ethernet, for three and a half years now.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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