CA IT Asset Manager Review

It helps us meet our need for compliance and with reconciliation of inventory and license contracts.

Valuable Features

We use it to ensure compliance and for licensing. We're able to reconcile between inventory and license contracts.

Improvements to My Organization

It allows us to know what we need, what we have, and what to deploy. It helps us with software auditing. All of this helps our bottom line.

Room for Improvement

The main new feature I'd like to see would be to have a single catalogue rather than one each for ITCM and SAM. CA SAM is only for compliance, but to realize the compliance we need to have an inventory product. So in the future it would be nice to have one product that does inventory and compliance – an integrated solution. With such a new functionality, we can complete many tasks, and one product reduces the complexity.

One additional improvement – the reporting aspect in SAM is poor; we need different reporting for different purposes – compliance reporting for executive management and the product teams. It’s not the same information for both teams.

Stability Issues

We need a better connection between ITCM and SAM; the products need to evolve together. It’s high-maintenance.

Scalability Issues

It’s possible to construct a different kind of infrastructure for different business units. It’s very scalable.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We have a good CA team with us. The main problem we have is the connection between the ITCM and SAM. They’re very helpful with the management of this complex interface. The CA team is very capable.

Previous Solutions

We realized a need for compliance, so we created this activity in our company.

Initial Setup

It is difficult – it has a high impact to the organization. We had to touch a lot of teams. This kind of implementation needs to be sponsored in the hierarchy because it’s company-wide. It’s resource intensive and time consuming.

Other Solutions Considered

We looked for a product with good price and functionality. When we chose the CA product, it was the best product for all the tasks we had to do. We had to do a POC between different kinds of products. We challenged them. We looked at IBM TADD. CA SAM was the better product to cover all functionalities and to cover software asset management, and it was cheaper.

Other Advice

For CA SAM, it’s the best in class. At this time we don’t have enough reporting capability in the product.

It’s complex to implement a software asset management solution. It’s not as simple as marketing tells you. They need to know what they have installed, and what licenses they’ve bought. You must know where to find the information necessary to realize the compliance. You must know software installation and licensing in your organization – it’s very important. It’s also important to know what you must report to management and product teams.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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