CA NetQoS Performance Center Review

The performance management piece allows you to crack the utilization of network connections and see where block points are. Ease-of-use could improve, but it has been getting better with each release.

Valuable Features

To be honest, we have not really had a lot of experience with this tool. We sort of installed it to meet a customer request requirement. It was an early version of the product about almost four years ago now. It didn't get much focus beyond that initial deployment. Now there is a renewed high interest in the product, so we have upgraded to the latest release.

We understand that the product still has some growing pains, but we are impressed by the ability to integrate that product with Spectrum and with other tools. One of the things we want to focus on here is understanding the APIs for both Spectrum and for Performance Center so that we can more tightly integrate those products with other tools that we use.

Improvements to My Organization

One of the key benefits is doing the performance management piece where you can crack the utilization of network connections and see where your block points are, and if you have errors happening that effect performance that you don't necessarily see as alarms. You can set thresholds inside the Performance Center for those alarms.

Room for Improvement

I'd like more ease-of-use. Although that is improving, and it is with each successive release, that aspect does need improvement. We like to turn over, as much as we can, the administrative tasks to end users so that they don't need to call us to make a change to their layout, or their polling intervals, or whatever. It's great having the ability for someone with minimal training to be able to do that. Those kinds of things on their own are really important.

Stability Issues

I don't have enough experience even though we've had it up in the environment for a while. Although we've not really had any issues with stability in terms of keeping things up and running. We haven't really been beating on it very hard either.

Scalability Issues

You simply add collectors to do the same footprint. The collectors do the polling and the gathering of data for performance metrics. It has the same capability of scaling in that regard.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I haven't really had as much experience with that.

Initial Setup

I didn't have a direct role in that, but no real issues. It's a more complex solution in terms of a separate database server, an aggregator that talks to all the collectors and the GUI, and the application service.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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