EMC RecoverPoint Continuous Remote Replication Review

A bit complex in certain IT environments, but in most situations it's a plug and play solution.

Valuable Features

  • Replication over IP and Replication over FC providing CDP - Continuous Data Protection
  • Multi-site Protection is a very useful feature when having more than two Datacenters

Improvements to My Organization

We can replicate Data between Data Centers synchronously or asynchronously. We use it to provide Disaster and Recovery copies and migrate Data between Datacenters.

Room for Improvement

Currently the product does not support cascaded replication, only "Y" replication. For example. It is possible replicate data from 3 locations and keep three copies of data Site A -> Site B and Site A -> Site C, but is not possible replicate the same data keeping three copies of same data from Site A -> Site B and Site B to Site C.

Use of Solution

3 years

Deployment Issues

Deploys works fine in mos situations and environments. When using WAN IP Connections to connect two Recoverpoint Clusters, it requires many firewall rules, but is not a product fault or bug, just a bit complex for the firewall team.

Stability Issues

In version 4.1 we needed to disable the new WAN Compression Feature. We opened a case with the vendor due some warning messages. EMC informed us that Recoverpoint 4.1 has a issue addressed on engineering related to new WAN Compression feature.

Scalability Issues

No, the product is very scalable. I'm able to join new appliance non disruptively and balance the replicated consistency groups into new added appliances..

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Very nice

Technical Support:

Very experienced support engineers. I rate it very high.

Previous Solutions

No, I've never used other solutions based on appliance integrated with Storage providing continuous data protection.

Initial Setup

May be a bit complex due your IT environment and WAN connections, but in most situations it is a plug and play solution.

Implementation Team

Very experienced support engineers. I rate it very well


Product is self-payable. Due data protection provided to IT environment, we can reach very secure operational levels.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Initial investment setup costs about $33K to protect three sites including 5 Storages. Day-to-day costs about $2 due to vendor maintenance contracts.

Other Advice

Look for new available features when product is integrated with EMC VPLEX to provide Metropoint Protection using a Three Datacenter Layout.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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