Hitachi HiCommand Tiered Storage Manager [EOL] Review

Enables you to efficiently relocate data. Should focus more on small-midrange markets.

Valuable Features

The Tiered Storage Manager enables you to efficiently relocate data using the Data Lifecycle Management. This allocates the data storage destination using data access frequency and usage value. Information tends to be accessed most frequently when it is first created, but that frequency drops as time passes. Data with a high usage frequency is stored in high-performance storage. When the usage frequency of the data decreases, the data is migrated to a lower performance subsystem, resulting in significantly lower storage costs.

Improvements to My Organization

Manager data management software enables IT administrators to easily and interactively match application quality of service requirements to heterogeneous storage assets. Tiered Storage Manager software enables the nondisruptive movement of data volumes to match application-driven price, performance, and availability characteristics through an easy-to-use interface. It enables you to migrate data seamlessly. Current applications are not interrupted. You can access data in the same way both before and after it is migrated. Defining group attributes enables you to set or disable migration for multiple volumes in advance, reducing administrative time.

Room for Improvement

Maybe focus on small and midrange markets.

Use of Solution

6 years.

Deployment Issues

No issues.

Stability Issues

No issues.

Scalability Issues

No issues.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:


Technical Support:


Initial Setup

The initial setup was straightforward unless you have network related issues.

Implementation Team

Through vendor, expertise level 9/10.



Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing


Other Solutions Considered


Other Advice

Tiered Storage Manager enables you to improve the efficiency of your storage Management in the following ways.

1. Reducing total cost of ownership,

2.Balancing storage load,

3. Managing changes to the storage environment. HTSM for Mainframe is integrated with DFSMS, which is familiar to the mainframe administrator, does not require additional interfaces, and minimizes training. It automates control of application storage service levels through automated tiering policies for application datasets aligned to SMS storage groups or to individual devices. At the same time, it provides reporting and control for ongoing management and monitoring of Hitachi Dynamic Tiering for Mainframe.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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