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HPE 3PAR Flash Storage Review
Capacity, scalability, and reliability are valuable to us. It is modular.

Valuable Features:

Most valuable to us are the capacity, the scalability, and also the reliability.

Improvements to My Organization:

The benefit of HPE 3PAR flash storage is the scalability. It generally has good reliability.

Room for Improvement:

The SSD disks mainly did well performance-wise. Now that the cost of the system is reduced, it's more financially viable as well. We did have firmware problems with them over the years, but generally we're fairly happy with it.

Use of Solution:

We've been with HPE for about ten years.

Stability Issues:

Stability is pretty good, but we had a fiber channel previously, and we found that was a bit more reasonable than the HPE.

Scalability Issues:

Scalability is very good. The 3PAR is very modular, so we can just install more modules as we need.

Technical Support:

I give technical support a 9/10. If we have a problem, we log a call and they come back to us within half an hour. It is pretty good.

Previous Solutions:

We were previously using HPE SAN, but we then went to the P4000, and now we're looking to upgrade our data centre again. So we're quite happy with their solutions and the help. We think it's one of the best ones out there.

Initial Setup:

The initial setup was complex. We had the HPE consultants in to work with us, and we had a few issues initially. But we managed to get them resolved.

Other Solutions Considered:

We looked at IBM, Dell, and HPE. We went with HPE because we have used HPE storage solutions before. We have also used HPE network server equipment and we found them to be good quality equipment. Additionally, we found that working with them was quite a good experience.

Other Advice:

We currently use the P4000, which is iSCSI. We will go for the fiber channel next time, which we have been comparing with the 3PAR.

When choosing a vendor, their reputation, and obviously the quality of the products, are important. HPE is pretty consistent with these.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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