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QTP Sucks Selenium Rules

I decided to use Selenium because I like the freedom that you get with all the programming languages it supports and because development is usually quicker than any other testing tools I ever used!

I chose Selenium IDE as my first open source automated tool. And then I worked with Selenium RC. And now Selenium Webdriver. It's the best testing tool ever!!

I think QTP is sucks. Of course, QTP fanboys will immediately jump up & down stating that I don't know how to use QTP. On the contrary, I know exactly what I am talking about. Because I've been a QTP Engineer for last 6 years. As of this writing, QTP still does not support Mac OS X, and Linux, heck it still doesn't support Firefox 3.6! Are you kidding me? Well, apart from HP's snail pace development process, I have other problems with the tool itself. Like its really retarded scripting engine (which uses vbscript), which does not provide you any real mechanism to maintain frameworks. Another example - CreateObject("WScript.Shell") - what do you think will happen if you used that in QTP? Any programmer who knows vbscript, will say that it creates a wscript object but she'd be so wrong. It rather creates a native windows shell automation object. WScript CreateObject() is simply not supported in QTP as QTP scripting engine overrides WScript.

Let us get one thing straight - Automation is programming, now let that sink in for a second...again - automation is programming. If your automation tool does not provide a real good programming interface, it is not fit for automation. Obviously in my books, QTP falls way short of that goal. One of the statements I consistenly hear is - "oh we don't have programmers in our automation team". If you cannot see the fallacy in that statement, no one can help your team - not even QTP. And of course, support from HP is bad too. Case in point - few month ago our team encountered a bug in QTP 10 where it had memory allocation issues & the workaround offered to us - "restart QTP after every 4 test case runs". I am not joking.

QTP does few things really good vis-a-vis record & playback (and they make it real simple for non technical users). And that also includes support for various enterprise applications both web based & win32. That means, they have to cover a lot of territory before they can release something and that explains why Windows 7 support is still lacking. But in your case, do you need Sharepoint support on Windows 7? If all you're testing is your own web app, why do you have to wait for HP to finish support for say Oracle enterprise apps? At this juncture, the only reason your team is still sticking to QTP is either because you have no real developers in your QA team and/or you have a lot of test cases automated in QTP. The later is a pain initially to convert to something else, but if you plan it out correctly you will save tons of headache in future.

I could go on & on about all that is wrong with QTP, but this article is not about that. This article is about getting rid of QTP & using alternatives in place of it to achieve a truly cross platform solution. After joining my current company, one of my first goal was to do exactly that. And this article describes what we did & how we did it.

To see a list of hotfixes that I know of see:


**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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ITCS user

author avatarPaul Grossman
Real User

Too bad I don't see the date you posted this. When you say QTP does not support FF 3.6 it tells me you don't keep up with the patches or the PAM. The memory allocation issue says the same, but the support guy was amiss to not direct you to the patch. Not sure what the market is like for automation engineers in Mac world but I'm not limiting myself to such a narrow group. LeanFT is going to make a big change.

author avatarit_user122115 (User at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees)

One of the downsides of the internet is that it keeps iu-informed and out dated posts around to help propagate the the notion that change doesn't happen. Micro Focus (then HPE) has release LeanFT a few years back which support creating and replaying tests on Mac, Linux, and Windows. And if that wasn't enough, most QTP customers already have access to it. But as they say, "Wait their is more", you can choose to write your tests in Java, C# or Javascript and leverage popular frameworks such as Junit, Nunit, TestNG or even build frameworks such as Maven.

As I like to say #DiscoverTheNew.

And for disclosure, I am a Solutions Architect who has worked for Mercury, HP, HP Enterprise and now Micro Focus and have supported the functional testing tools since WinRunner.